Earthing! The health of walking barefoot

The pleasure of walking barefoot along the shore of the beach, treading on the grass or the land of the countryside and feeling its freshness is more than just a funny moment or an anecdote. The organism is really revitalized, it relaxes and the energy flows inside it.

But this is a gesture as simple and essential as forgotten; It seems that only children know their power: whenever they can, and they are left, they take off their shoes.

Earthing with bare feet, basic to have vitality

The electrical and magnetic processes are part of our biology. The proper functioning of physiological systems, organs, and cells depends on the electrical balance that conditions the chemical reactions.

This is indicated by the most current and novel scientific studies, which have shown that touching the earth with bare feet, making ground or, as Anglicism indicates, practicing earthing or grounding, allows the body to rebalance its electric charges, a basic process to maintain vitality and health.


The body is a natural conductor and needs both electrical contact with the Earth and precise water or nutrients. On the one hand, we need to free ourselves from the excess of positive charges that accumulate by keeping the body isolated from its environment.

On the other hand, we regenerate with the invasion of the free electrons (with negative electric charge) of the energy field of the Earth fed by the sun and from the core of the planet.

Without this energetic flow, the life of people, animals, and plants would be simply impossible. The most obvious consequence of blocking the electrical connection is the spark that is felt when touching another person or a metal surface. It is produced by the discharge of static electricity.

But inside the body, the lack of connection can favor generalized inflammation and be at the beginning of processes that lead to diseases.

Demonstrated, well-being is immediate

Something as simple as walking barefoot brings marked and positive changes in biological parameters. In fact, after two seconds you can begin to perceive, although the greatest benefits are obtained if you make land for 20-30 minutes.

This is indicated by a study published in the journal Integrative Medicine, conducted by the team of Gaétan Chevalier, a physical engineer in the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology at the University of California in Irvine (United States).


It analyzes the variability of the heart rate of 28 people. This reliable and non-invasive methodology provides information about the autonomic nervous system and its two components: the sympathetic (which makes us more active and stressed) and the parasympathetic (which provides more tranquility and calm).

The experiment was carried out in a two-hour session. For 40 minutes people were connected to a grounding system (some electrodes on the bottom of the feet and in the palm of the hands) and the rest of the time the measurements were made without this connection.

The results were revealing: when the person was connected to ground, there was an increase in the function of the parasympathetic nervous system almost twice as much as when it was not connected. Thus, not being connected to earth corresponds to an excessive stimulation of the sympathetic system and a decrease in the parasympathetic tone, which indicates a stressed nervous system.

The advantages of living connected to the Earth

The contact with the surface of the earth balances the biological systems.

  1. Relaxes. The activation of the parasympathetic nervous system reduces the symptoms of anxiety, heart and respiratory rates, blood pressure and the secretion of the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol.
  2. Deflate. The electrons that come from the soil reduce inflammation and oxidation, and with it, pain and damage to the cells.
  3. It provides energy. Karol and Pawel Sokal have shown that it reduces the concentration of glucose in blood and urine, stabilizes the iron levels, regulates the homeostasis of the calciofosforo and favors the obtaining of energy.
  4. It protects you. Avoid the negative effects of electromagnetic fields on the body.
  5. Synchronize your rhythms. Contributes to the rhythms of the body being harmonized with night and day. It improves both the sleep at night and the feeling of vitality during the day.feet-1599884__340

Earthing prevents stress and other chronic ailments

A lack of ground connection for a sufficient time represents a stress for the organism. One more that adds to those caused by the urban lifestyle, work emergencies or emotional tensions of all kinds. The chronic stress is behind many health dysfunctions of modern society.

Science has shown that chronic hyperactivity of the sympathetic nervous system predisposes to heart problems and that increasing the tone of the parasympathetic system has a protective effect against blood supply problems or arrhythmias.

Dr. Chevalier has also found that the connection with the earth also reduces the viscosity of the blood, a factor favoring hypertension and other heart diseases, including heart attack.

The American cardiologist and psychotherapist Stephen T. Sinatra has been dedicated more than thirty years to the prevention and recovery of coronary diseases, which has led him to become interested in earthing and become one of the world’s leading experts in the subject. His works have been collected in the book Earthing, barefoot (Ed. Sirius), written together with Clinton Ober and Martin Zucker.

In this book, you can find testimonies such as that of Dr. James L. Oschman, which details how chronic inflammation is one of the primary causes of virtually all diseases, from diabetes to cancer.


Oschman explains that, when we step on the ground, their free electrons are transferred to the inside of our bodies and that these are probably the most potent antioxidants known and act as anti-inflammatories without side effects.

He adds: “The day we started using shoes we isolated ourselves from the energy of the Earth and since then stress levels have increased and immunity has decreased.”

All the evidence indicates that incorporating earthing into a lifestyle is a potent recipe to prevent the most common chronic ailments.

In addition to being a regulator of the autonomic nervous system, chronic stress, inflammation, sleep, and cardiovascular diseases, earthing is a powerful therapy in situations of emotional stress, anxiety, panic, fear, depression, pain and fatigue, and symptoms such as headaches, heart palpitations or vertigo.

Dysfunctions as common as diabetes, obesity, and hypertension could also be related to the loss of contact with the land of today’s society.

Taking into account the data provided by the scientific studies, and the sensations we all experience when going barefoot, we can affirm that under our feet we have a powerful source of well-being and that the surface electrons of the earth constitute a health resource forgotten until now.

So, step on Earth, connect to it!

3 ways to take care of your electrical balance

To maintain an electric balance, in addition to practicing earthing with bare feet, we can also do it through the water or with a connected bed.

1. Walk barefoot when you can

On grass, earth, sand or even cement or ceramic, the contact by the feet, with thousands of nerve endings and energy points as the “R1” of the meridian of the kidney, produces the best results.

It is advisable to practice tai chi, chikung or yoga with the barefoot.

2. Water discharges you

Washing hands with water, daily shower, swimming, hydrotherapy treatments … all are excellent ways to allow electricity to flow because water is an extraordinarily conductive element.

3. Put ground to the bed

There are devices to connect the bed to the ground of a plug. They consist of a fabric with metallic threads and a simple cable.

They improve sleep, self-healing mechanisms and help wake up rested and full of energy.

There are also mats to use while working while sitting. These mills can also be built at home, in an artisanal way.


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